Croûte d’épices à poisson / Spice-Crusted Fish Mix

$ 6,00

Comment l’utiliser ? Moitié épices, moitié gros sel de mer, et on enveloppe le poisson de ce mélange que l’on met ensuite au four. Voilà, c’est tout.


How about this one? Coat a piece of fish with some of the spice mix, add a few salt and a few sugar if desired, let stand for a few minutes, and then cook in a skillet in which you will have melted half butter and half oil. Simple, easy and delicious!


Graines de fenouil, coriandre, oignon, poivrons rouges, graines d’aneth, poivre blanc, ajowan, ail, graines d’anis, anis étoilé.

Fennel seeds, coriander, onion, red bell pepper, dill seeds, white pepper, ajwain, garlic, anise seeds, star anise.

55 g