General terms and conditions of sale


Shipping is free on all orders of $60.00 or more within Canada, except for Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories.
Shipping charges for these regions will be billed at checkout.
The same applies to all orders from the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world.
Administration fees may be charged for orders from outside Canada: forms to be filled out, travel, etc.


Orders are processed either on the day they are received or on the following day, with the exception of public holidays and Saturdays and Sundays.
In case of incomplete information provided by the buyer, the processing time may be longer, depending on the corrections made by the buyer.
Orders are shipped by Canada Post or Dicom.
A tracking number is sent to the buyer on the same day of the shipment.
The delivery time may vary from three (3) to ten (10) business days in the Canadian provinces.
In the United States, the delivery time can reach 15 business days.
Elsewhere in the world, the vendor cannot guarantee a fixed delivery time, especially if the package is shipped by sea.


Vendor shall not be responsible for any delay caused by customs authorities (detained package) or mechanical or other damage to the carrier en route. Whenever possible, the vendor will inform the buyer of the cause of the delay and the measures to be taken, if any.
In principle, food products are not subject to taxes or customs duties, but if they are, these will be charged to the buyer.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to find out about the customs regulations in force in his/her country and to inform the vendor of these regulations, including documentation, in order to avoid any ambiguity during the shipping process.


It is the responsibility of the vendor to ship any order as soon as possible, that is to say within twenty-four (24) hours of its receipt.
It is also the responsibility of the vendor to ensure the accuracy of the order and the use of secure packaging to ensure that the package arrives at its destination in good condition.
If a product or products are missing (back order), the vendor must notify the buyer and, if necessary, refund or replace it or them in a way that suits the buyer. See below INCOMPLETE ORDER AND/OR ERROR.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide all information necessary for the delivery of the order.
The vendor will not be held responsible for any delay in the delivery of the order due to erroneous or incomplete information given by the buyer.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to be present at the time of delivery of the package. If the buyer is absent and/or has not made the necessary arrangements and this causes additional costs, these will be charged to the buyer.
The buyer can take advantage of the required signature option. However, he/she must be present at the time of delivery. If he/she is not present at the time of delivery, additional costs will be charged to the buyer.


The vendor undertakes to package its products in a secure manner to avoid any breakage or damage during transit. However, it can happen that a breakage occurs during the routing following a negligence of the carrier or any other imponderable.
In such a case, the buyer will have to provide, within twenty-four (24) hours following the reception of the package, a material proof (photo) of the state in which it was received. This proof will then be transmitted to the carrier for possible compensation, if applicable.
If the fault lies with the carrier, the vendor will try to obtain full compensation from the carrier. However, Vendor shall not be responsible for the time required to process such claim.
If the carrier determines and proves that the package has been damaged due to defective or inadequate packaging, the Vendor shall be obligated to make a full refund to the Buyer.
It is the responsibility of the vendor to determine whether the products contained in the damaged package are nevertheless in good condition and can be safely consumed, based on the physical evidence.


If a package shipped to Canada is not delivered within ten (10) business days of being given to the carrier, the buyer must notify our order department as soon as possible.
If, after investigation, it is found that the package has been lost, the vendor will attempt to determine the cause and to trace it.
If the carrier is at fault, a complaint will be lodged in order to obtain compensation. However, the vendor will not be held responsible for the delay in processing and settling the complaint.
If the loss is due to incomplete or erroneous information provided by the buyer, no refund will be granted. The same applies if the loss is due to theft during or after delivery of the package.
In addition, if the loss is due to an error of transcription on behalf of Crousset Spices (bad address) and that it is proven by a material proof, a refunding will be granted.


In case of incomplete order (missing product) or error during its processing (wrong product), the buyer will be reimbursed or compensated in the way that suits him/her.
However, he/she will not be refunded or compensated if he/she has ordered the wrong product, even if unintentionally. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that his/her order corresponds to his/her wishes before sending it.


The buyer who is not satisfied with the quality of our products can return them to us within ten (10) days following the reception of his package. After this period, no return will be accepted.
The buyer will have to advise us beforehand, by email or by phone, of his intention to proceed with a return. If he does not meet this condition, he will not be entitled to any refund.
The buyer is responsible for the shipping costs of the return.
The refund will be made to the buyer’s credit card or via PayPal, and only after receipt of the returned goods. The buyer must also provide proof of purchase (invoice).
The returned merchandise must be in good condition. It is therefore the responsibility of the buyer to pack the goods properly.
Only jars that are properly sealed and free of any markings such as dirt, scratches, etc. will be accepted.
Jars that are damaged when returned will be considered unusable and therefore refused. A physical proof will be sent to the buyer if necessary.


All transactions concluded between the buyer and the vendor through the Crousset Inc. website are confidential.
The information collected (nature of the order, name, physical address, email address) is used only for communication purposes between the vendor and the buyer. This information will not be given, loaned or sold for any purpose or to any entity. Nor will it be used to solicit the buyer for commercial purposes, unless the buyer has given prior consent (see our Newsletter).
However, the vendor cannot guarantee that his website is completely safe from hacking. In such a case, the buyer will be notified by email.


Products are sold by the unit.
In case of larger quantities or other formats, please contact us.
Methods of payment: PayPal or credit card.
Orders can be placed by Internet, phone or email.
Orders are packaged in cardboard boxes with padding.
Returns are subject to the conditions listed in the Return Policy.
Shipping is free only for orders of $60.00 or more from Canada.
Crousset inc. reserves the right to modify at any time the information contained in its site.

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