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Ground Galangal

$ 9,00

Galanga is of the same botanical family as ginger. It is also a rhizome that can be reduced or not to powder. It is indigenous to the island of Java as well as in the southern part of Chin, where it takes the name of small galanga.

The difference between galanga and ginger lies in taste. Galanga is a little spicier than its cousin ginger and has a nice citrusy taste.In other words, if a recipe requires galanga and you don’t have any galanga on hand, you can always turn to ginger to help you out, but the result will not be the same.

Finally, if you like Asian cuisine and especially Thai cuisine, this is the spice to add to your collection. It is indeed used in many preparations such as soups and fish dishes.


  • Ground Galangal

Origin : Thailand

32 g


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